Mobile Security Patrols

GuardPro Security's Mobile Patrols are a cost effective and visible deterrent when Manned Guarding is not required. So...

Q: What is a Mobile Security Patrol?

A: A Mobile Security Patrol in short, is a security inspection at your Business Property; Building Site; Home or Void Buildings. These patrols are carried out by licensed security personnel at regular or pre-defined times, normally during close down periods and weekends to businesses or to residential premises when the owners are away or feel vulnerable.

Upon Instruction:

A member of our security team will arrive at your premises in a company branded vehicle, they will carry out some, if not all of the following duties:

  • Ensure all lone workers on site are safe.
  • Escort staff / Contractors off site or to their vehicles.
  • Check that all internal and external doors / windows are closed and locked.
  • Turn off lights and office equipment (photocopiers etc)
  • Fill up drinks machines
  • Close and lock window / door grills.
  • Set and unset intruder alarm systems.
  • Carry out fire alarm tests and complete any necessary registers.
  • Complete an external check of the property or properties to ensure that everything is in order.
  • Check your premises for water or gas leaks
  • Lock external gates and/or barriers.
  • Report any suspicious activity, for example cars parked up, description of a person/s in the area or near the premises.
  • Liaise with the emergency services as and when required

Ideally, we like to meet with new potential clients before we commence our Mobile Security Patrol service. Our representative will take the time to listen to your security requirements and if needed offer you their professional opinion.

During this meeting, they will ask many questions and take notes which will form the "Assignment Instructions." These will then become the Instructions that our team will adhere to when attending your site.

Not only does this initial meeting put "names to faces" but it allows us to understand a bit more about your company. It will be at this meeting, you will meet your Area Manager who will be responsible for ensuring that our service standards are being met and that you receive a quality, transparent service from day one.

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